About Us

            This is a legal education blog by Raavan Dhabe, an Advocate and journalist. The objective of the blog is to share fundamental legal knowledge in English and Marathi language to the readers. Especially, important sections of civil and criminal laws along with latest judgements.  The Constitution of India being a fundamental law of India, more time given on Constitutional law.
           Myself Raavan completed M.A. (English), B.J., and LLM. I have 15 years of experience in journalism and is still working as a hobby in this field. Being a student of English literature, journalism, and law, I was automatically inspired to experience social issues up close. Later on, combined politics and advocacy to solve social problems. This personal blog- is an attempt to bring useful civil and criminal law provisions to the readers along with the legal reforms and. At the same time, here is a short attempt to share my experience in legal services.

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